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Project & Concert Event Management

  • Implementation of concert event plans.
  • Communication with agents, artist contracting, contracts, international visas.
  • Local and international logistics, artist scheduling, accommodation and transport.
  • Venue and stage management communication; pre-production, sitzprobe to performance.
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Orchestration and Arranging

  • Orchestration and arrangements for all instrument configurations; Symphony Orchestra, Choir, Big Band and Jazz ensembles, Music Theatre Pit orchestra, chamber ensembles and solo instruments.
  • Experience and versatility in orchestration styles from, epic Hollywood, classic and contemporary Broadway, intimate and experimental chamber music to swinging jazz and big band charts.
  • Open, creative and egoless communication; we strive to interpret and create the best possible music with our clients.
  • Preparing music for the world stage is achieved with knowledge and experi With countless hours of music orchestrated and arranged heard by millions around the world, we can help make your music ready for the world stage.

Score Coordination

  • Tracking of music cues in their various stages of development, particularly relevant on large scale projects.
  • Sequencer and ‘MIDI cleanup’ in preparation for orchestration and arranging.
  • Preparation of digital sessions, including tempo-mapping and assembly of pre-record material for recording sessions.
  • Utilizing a single person (score coordinator) for efficient communication of information to the rest of the music production team.

Copying & Score Preparation

  • Copying of scores and parts from public domain editions or hand written scores for recordings and live performance.
  • Transcriptions from audio recordings, creating ‘lead sheets’, ‘Piano Vocal’ scores, or transcription of multi-instrument works to sheet music.
  • Thorough proof reading of all scores and parts for precise and accurate editions
  • Receive scores and parts to your preferred look and style, or use our tried and tested house style.

Recording Services

  • In conjunction with Symphonica Recording and Quill & Quaver Associates, we offer complete recording services for orchestral, choral, concert band, big band, classical, and jazz recordings.
  • Tailored to your needs we can provide artist contracting, studio hire, scoring sessions, editing, mixing, and mastering.